The purpose of chaplaincy within the police service is to provide appropriate pastoral care and encourage and support the spiritual dimension of those called to a challenging, stressful and, at times, dehumanising role. Chaplaincy achieves this purpose by becoming embedded within the service and by listening to individuals and groups, watching for their needs and providing for each and every one irrespective of gender, age, sexuality, ability, race, belief, or any other manifestation of difference.

The purpose of chaplaincy within the police service is summarised as providing:

  • Personal, practical and spiritual care to all police officers, police staff and their families;
  • Operational support to the police service by providing a resource where faith and operational issues interact, and facilitating and developing links between communities and the police;
  • A response to major and critical incidents by supporting emergency services personnel and assisting community recovery.

The aims of Police Chaplaincy UK are to co-ordinate, promote, aid and further the purpose of police chaplaincy within the United Kingdom, and to encourage, support and facilitate the work of the National Police Chaplain.

The objectives of Police Chaplaincy UK are:

We provide members with professional support by:

  • ensuring the availability of appropriate learning and development opportunities;
  • disseminating relevant information, including standards for recruitment and retention;
  • creating and sustaining a vibrant e-community, including a website;
  • providing access to resources for ministry;
  • encouraging appropriate support for chaplains on a national, regional or local level;
  • conducting research, monitoring trends and publishing results to enable effective and focused chaplaincy.


We promote and represent police chaplaincy at the national and regional level by:

  • developing the role of Police Chaplaincy UK as the professional body for police chaplains;
  • engaging with the all parts of the "policing family" to encourage and enhance the role of chaplaincy;
  • providing appropriately experienced chaplains to serve on national bodies when requested;
  • developing links with appropriate organisations, within and without the police service;
  • developing a cadre of senior chaplains with the ability to deploy in the event of national emergencies;
  • encouraging the use of police chaplains as bridges between the police and faith communities.


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